About Us

Photograph of our dentist office performing dental procedures for patients from Woodbridge, West Haven, and Orange, CT

Our office on South Lambert Rd located directly across from the entrance to T.G.I. Fridays.

We are a modern, family oriented dental practice located in Orange, CT and serving the adjacent towns within New Haven County. With a commitment to up to date technology, routine continuing education, and to quality patient care, look no further than our office.

Our office was established in the mid 1970s by another dentist, now retired from our practice. With that retirement in early in 2013, Drs. Nicholas and Carla Calcaterra brought new energy, ideas, and a commitment to quality patient care. The end result is an office where we can serve nearly every one of your dental needs. Many of our patients have been coming for over 30 years! We have been and will continue to always be owned and operated by dentists who call the greater Orange, CT community home.

What makes our dental practice special?
friendly dentist office staff that is very nice

Our smiling, friendly team. What’s not to love?

When you walk in, you’ll immediately notice things are different.

  • Judy, our Office Manager, or Carla, our Office Administrator, will greet you by name. How many other medical or dental offices do that?
  • You won’t find a closed window and a sign in sheet.
  • You won’t feel like Patient #502 in the Acme Dental Mill. You will feel like Norm on the TV show Cheers where everyone knows your name as you walk in!
  • You will only see Drs. Nicholas or Carla Calcaterra. No “revolving doctors” or “doctor of the day” in this practice!

We take great pride in our facilities and staff. Learn more:

  • Our Dentists: come meet Drs. Nicholas Calcaterra and Carla Calcaterra and learn how their skills complement each other.
  • Our Staff: come meet our two wonderful dental hygienists Crystal and Kaylin, our two assistants Erica and Cyndi, our friendly office manager Judy, and our versatile office administrator Carla. We have the friendliest staff in all of Orange.
  • Office Tour: tour our office online and see both the modern dental technology as well as our sun filled rooms. Watch birds feed at our birdfeeders while you wait or while in dental chair!

Some patients come to us because we are on the list provided by their insurance company.  But many others choose us because of who we are and the level of care we provide. Whether we are on their insurance list or not is irrelevant.

Thank you for visiting and learning about one of Orange’s oldest continuously operating dental practices!