How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

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We don’t charge extra for medications we administer.

We receive questions regarding the costs of our IV and oral sedation services quite frequently. It is not uncommon for us to get the question of “How much does it cost to be put to sleep at your dentist office?” more than once a day. As an office that routinely does several sedations per week, we are sensitive to the out of pocket costs that our patients must bear.

Our experience is the following: for most patients, insurance covers most of the sedation costs for most procedures.

Assuming there is no insurance involved, our fee for IV moderate sedation begins at $400. We find that for quick procedures that last under an hour, our fee typically remains at $400 (again, assuming no insurance). For lengthier appointments involving multiple procedures (root canals, extractions, etc.), the fee is higher and is always determined on a case by case basis.

It is worth noting that this fee includes:

  • The sedation medications themselves (whether they are IV, oral, gas, or all three).
  • The IV start, IV catheter, and fluids (many hospitals and clinics bill this separately).
  • Accessory medications we may use. For example, if you need an anti-nausea medication such as Zofran (ondansetron) added post-operatively into the IV, we do not tack on an additional charge.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, the monitoring, experience, and licensure that Dr. Nick Calcaterra and his trained assistants bring to your case.

It is also worth noting that most hospital based anesthesia services will cost over $1500 per hour.

Does My Insurance Help with Sedation Dentistry Costs?
cost of sedation dentistry is often covered by insurance

The cost of sedation dentistry is often covered by insurance.

In most cases, dental insurance or medical insurance will pay for some or all of the sedation fees.

Generally speaking, here are circumstances in which insurance will usually cover twilight sedation:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth or other teeth extractions. As a broad generalization, if more than one tooth is being removed, there can be coverage.
  • When it is not possible to perform the procedure with local anesthesia.
  • For patients with certain medical conditions (for example – some Special Needs patients are unable to tolerate procedures without sedation).
  • And many others.

As an example, after treating hundreds of patients affiliated with Yale University, we’ve found that most of the time, our patients have great IV sedation coverage for wisdom teeth extractions.

Connecticut's most experienced and trusted sedation dentistAs usual, you always want to make sure your provider has the proper license to provide IV sedation or general anesthesia. Please visit this page to learn more or go directly to the Connecticut licensing site.

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