Patient Video Testimonials

We are proud to have several patients provide testimonials on their specific experiences in our office. Feel free to browse through these videos to learn how we’ve helped many patients with their dental needs.

Christie’s Smile Transformation Testimonial

Christie came to us with a problem – she never smiled! We fixed that with veneers! Learn how:

Christie's video testimonial on porcelain veneers and smile makeover.











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Leslie’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Leslie was terrified of the dentist and avoided dental careĀ for several years due to fear until she had unbearable pain. We were able to help her with IV sedation and now she is pain free, smiling, and is no longer scared!

Leslie talks about IV sedation dentistry in this youtube patient video testimonial.












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Helen’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Helen was very scared of coming to the dentist. Using sedation, we were able to complete her treatment, and she doesn’t remember anything (except one aspect!). Her laugh and infectious smile shows you that she’s comfortable coming now.

Helen talks about twilight sedation dentistry for extractions and root canals.












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Jen’s Sedation Dentistry Testimonial

Jennifer described anything related to the dentist as giving her the “heebie-jeebies!” Listen to her describe how she was able to overcome her fears with IV sedation.

Jen describes her sleep dentistry experience in our New Haven county dental office.












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Jennifer’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction Testimonial

Jennifer needed her wisdom teeth removed. Using IV sedation along with extreme care, her surgery and subsequent healing went without a hitch! Hear Jennifer describe her experience.

Jen's wisdom teeth extraction video testimonial with IV twilight sedation












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